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So, who is the ideal candidate for a Tableau Desktop Specialist Course?

So, who is the ideal candidate for a Tableau Desktop Specialist Course?

We do get this question a lot. To be a Tableau Developer no IT background or a degree in computer science is needed. We have former students that are currently working as Tableau Developers from many different industry backgrounds including: Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Insurance, Service etc.

Invest your time and research which IT path is right for you.
Once you pick one, decide which learning platform to go with
In our experience we have discovered that most our former students that do not have a coding background are doing well as Tableau Developers.

There are several sites that offer Tableau Desktop Specialist Course training.  However, it is important to ask some fundamental questions about which platform to choose.


Some facts to consider before taking the Tableau Desktop Specialist Course:
  • Does their schedule align with mine?
  • How long does the course last?
  • Will I get help with my resume or interview prep?
  • Do they have live classes or are they pre-recorded
  • Will I have recorded lectures after the course is over?
  • Will I have access to the professors after the class is over?
  • Do they have on-the-job support?
We offer the answers to all these questions.

After taking the class, it is important to start creating a network.

  • This can start small (e.g. study partner(s) from class and build with time
  • Expand to other Tableau Developers who are already employed or have the same aspirations as you.
  • Frequently interact with other professionals on the Tableau forum, which is a great way of creating new connections and getting real-time support when the need arises.
  • We have created an environment where it is easy for you to interact with some of our previous students who are now experts in the field.

Lastly, having a mentor is an essential piece to achieving success. Mentors can help cut your learning time because they have already been in your shoes.

Do not hesitate to contact us and start today.

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